Reinventing the Tarot: How Shadow Light Tarot introduces a new Deck for the Initiated

Shadow Light Tarot Deck by Esoteric Artist Eric Tecce

Art is a beautiful thing. It’s driven by passion to watch a great blossom take fourth through the craft of your very being. Nature embodies this & planting soulful seeds CREATE the unknown into present. Humans are capable of truly beautiful acts and the corporate world could never have the heart to appreciate such wonders in our waking reality.

When creating Shadow Light Tarot deck, each card was both a work of art and part of a greater whole. This fractal philosophy helped to structure the tarot deck’s infinite panoramas for each elemental suit. The passion behind this tarot deck can be seen through the illustration process as every letter and line is done by hand to embed the soul of the artist. The Tarot itself is a tool of magick , but to take it beyond that awakens its truest of potential to be so much more. For this is the beauty of our Waking Reality, to create and manifest the unknown to BE. May this contribution to the Divination practice birth a new generation of those initiated through the art of Tarot Cards

The resonance of the traditional 78 Tarotcards are expressed in a whole new life, providing a deeper dive into divination. As with the artist’s passions, a story is woven of it’s own – 10 additional oraclecards complete a total of 7 infinite panoramic suites. Every line, letter, & symbol of the deck & it’s included visual guidebook has been illustrated by hand to imprint the artist’s enchantment – birthing the truest of magick into a work of art.

This magick is true to BE, Existing through cycles as long as waves breathe. In so, the art of the Tarot welcomes a new deck for the initiated. One that speaks through the visual language of an artisan’s true eye. The Tarot deck’s black and white ying-yang-esque nature, balances to focus on transformations. This provides for a powerful spiritual tool for any metaphysical & soul growth practices.


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