crowdfunded divinitive decks

illustrated & self published by eric tecce

the artist

eric tecce, the wandering polymath

 As stated by Da Vinci, it is one “who sows VIRTUE reaps HONOR”
I find 
 as we discover the unique nature each of us illuminate within, we can nurture and birth magick in BEing. The idea can move millions & embed such wonder into it’s manifestation. When the grace of universe allows potential to be, an artist’s journey is born – as art itself extends the very soul of one’s being. The expression of creation, especially that is yet to present itself into the world, is the very essence of all that is, was, and will BE. Thus Waking Canvas is the doorway for my esoteric illustrative passions present in this Waking Reality. 

crowdfunded by you

10 additional tarot cards added

SHADOW LIGHT TAROT includes 10 bonus cards thanks to stretch goals from the Kickstarter crowdfunding. There are Five Champion archetype cards, a Tree of Life card, and Four Direction cards.

This deck would not have been possible for it not for those who have helped fund it’s culmination. I thank everyone as an artist to follow my dreams into Waking Reality. 

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